Large Groups and Their Destinies 1918 – 2018

International conference

Prague 18 – 21 October, 2018

Raffael institut and Irene

an international interdisciplinary conference

Large Groups and Their Destinies 1918 – 2018

LARGE GROUPS – states, nations, communities – live their special lives which transcend the human individual’s life span, but are also the subjects of specific laws. And these laws are to be sought for, analysed and respected, to provide a better fate for people in the future.

Which way should human group behaviour be understood? What can we do to save our freedom, our sanity, our lives? The items will be discussed from the point of view of group analysis, history, sociology, psychoanalysis… Distinguished lecturers are expected, including Earl Hopper, Haim Weinberg, Robi Friedman, Dieter Nitzgen, Miroslav Vaněk, Michael Šebek, Vladimír Kučera, Marek Preiss, Lída Trapková, Egon Gál, Mohamed Taha, Shulamit Geller…

The conference will open with lectures from two outstanding Czech personalities: Pavel Rychetský and Cyril Hoschl. The object of the conference is to bring a new understanding of human group relations together with good experience of the cooperation of groups.

The conference will be preceded by the Annual Award of the Prix Irene. The prize is awarded to a person in appreciation of his or her merit in creating peace among human groups.

Venue: Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University, Marathon Palace, Černá 9, Prague 1