A day of teaching with… Nancy McWilliams

Psychoanalytic diagnosis and its implications for treatment.

Friday March 11th 2022

A day of teaching with…
Nancy McWilliams.
Psychoanalytic diagnosis and its implications for treatment.

Live Conference @ Louvain Belgium.
Online streaming for our European colleagues and EFPP delegates

Dear EFPP member,
The Flemish Association for Psychoanalytic Therapy (VVPT) organizes its third “Day of Teaching
with…” in which a speaker is given the opportunity to introduce us to his or her work for a full day.
Once again, it will be a very clinical day with a lot of attention on the daily practice of the
psychoanalytic psychotherapist.
We are very proud to have succeeded in bringing Nancy McWilliams, PhD, (USA ) to Flanders. She
is one of the leading experts in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
Dr. McWilliams specializes in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and supervision, the relationship
between diagnosis and treatment, alternatives to DSM and ICD diagnostic conventions, the
application of psychoanalytic insights to understanding the problems of diverse clinical populations,
and many other topics. Many will know her from her award winning books, such as Psychoanalytic
Diagnosis: Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process, Second Edition .”, which is
used extensively in many training centers, and the more recent “ Psychodynamic Diagnostic
Manual, Second Edition. PDM 2”.
We have invited her to speak in particular about her ideas with regard to psychoanalytic diagnosis
and case formulation. She will emphasize the importance of individual differences from multiple
perspectives (temperament, attachment style, defenses, affective patterns, underlying cognitions,
self esteem, levels of severity of personality pathology, and so on). She will also focus on
implications for treatment and clinical examples.
Keep an eye on our website (https://www.vvpt.be) for further information.
After the summer period, we will be posting the complete program and all the information
necessary for registration on the EFPP website. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.
In dialogue with our speaker, the VVPT has opted for a fully live lecture day. With the loosening of
the COVID 19 measures in sight, this looks very promising. However, if the measures concerning
the virus should again pose a problem, as they did in 2020, we will postpone our conference to
spring 2022.