Neurovědecká doporučení praktikujícím psychoanalytikům

Rozhovor s Markem Solmsem

Rozhovor s Markem Solmsem: Neurovědecká doporučení praktikujícím psychoanalytikům

Doporučujeme ke shlédnutí velmi zajímavý a pro praxi užitečný rozhovor v angličtině s MARKEM SOLMSEM – psychoanalytikem a zároveň neurovědcem – uveřejněný na webu IPA.

Neuroscientific recommendations to clinicians practicing psychoanalysis:  An interview with Mark Solms by Andrea Rodriguez Quiroga de Pereira

In this webinar Mark Solms, interviewed by Andrea Rodriguez Quiroga, will outline why he thinks our patients suffer mainly from feelings.  He believes that “our clinical work is greatly enhanced if we use the unregulated feelings our patients suffer from as the starting point of our analytic work. From the conscious feelings, we can infer which underlying emotional needs are not being met. This in turn facilitates identification of the repressed predictions that the patient is (unsuccessfully) using to meet that need”.
He will speak  about the latest neuroscientific research, the unconscious (‘non-declarative’), the memory systems, the action programmes (responses), the predictions, the drive needs, the automatisation that involves the “consolidation”, “the repressed” , transference, feelings, conflict, and other concepts.

Dvoustránkové shrnutí doporučení Marka Solmse.

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